Monday, April 26, 2010

A Cinnamon Bun for My Son

My oldest son likes to eat the cinnamon buns from Tim Horton's. So I began a mission to find some recipes for homemade cinnamon buns. I told him that I would make all different recipes and we would see which one we all liked better.
I began with a recipe from
This is the actual recipe for "Sweet Cinnamon Rolls". I made it on a Saturday evening and boy did it take it a very long time. The rising was quite a process. It had to rise several times during the evening.

I only had time to take a photo of the finished product because in between the rolling, kneading, rising and baking I was cooking dinner and doing laundry. So there wasn't really time to stop and take the photos.

Late Friday evening we were sitting as a family watching hockey when the cinnamon rolls were finally done baking, and the four of us all shared 1 roll. It was warm and sticky, sweet and delicious. I thought that the cinnamon and brown sugar sort of 'melted' down and it seemed like the filling dripped a little out of the rolls.

We really liked the rolls very much. It was not great for my Weight Watchers diet but really it was not that damaging. My oldest gives the rolls 2 thumbs up and my youngest son said he didn't like the 'dough' part. He is silly.
We enjoyed them and look forward to the next cinnamon roll/bun baking adventure.


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