Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Special Birthday Earrings

I went to the local bead store to pick up some wire to make some rings (that's another frustrating story), and I saw these hammered hoops and had to make some earrings out of them. I may even go back and pick up some more and make a pair for myself.

They have sterling silver ear wires and just the prettiest little czech glass bead. It kind of has a purple tint to the bead.
If you like the earrings and are interested in buying them, you are in luck because they are for sale. Go to my shop to purchase. Special birthday earrings. Keep reading to find out about their name.

While I was at the store I met a lady. She announces that she was having an 'ugly' day and I told her that I thought she looked great. She had dyed dark black hair and a very chic black outfit. Her nails were very long, beautifully painted and clearly fake. She had a great attitude and reminded me of a little Italian grandmother, like the one I used to have, except my Grandmother's hair was dyed red and did not have fake nails because of all the cooking she did.

The lady was there to have a larger clasp and ring put on a necklace, probably because her nails were just too long to work the closure.

After I told her that she looked great she asked me to guess how old she was and that she would not be mad no matter what I guessed. So I guessed 65. She said, even with all of these wrinkles? I really did not see many wrinkles, she did have a lot of make-up on though.

It turns out that she is 79 and turning 80 in May. I really did not think that she was that old. I thought she was so cute and as I left I told her to have a great birthday.

If I am lucky enough to live to 79 I hope to be that put-together and independent.

Happy Birthday

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