Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Communion Cookie and Crazy Story

I decided to bake cross cut out cookies for my son's first holy communion and not the rice krispie treats I wrote about earlier. I was a bit under the weather right before the communion so I wasn't going to bake the cookies, after all we were going to have cake, but the cookies were for the guests to take home. I gave it some thought and baked the cross cut out cookies and then stayed up late frosting and bagging the cookies. They looked so nice. Some were frosted all blue and some, at my son's request, were just outlined in blue and I added white for design.

I put the finished bagged cross cookies in a basket and the morning of the communion my husband took the cookies and cake and everything for the party over to the hall that we had booked. A man was there washing the floors so my hubby just left the stuff there along with a couple of fruit platters that I was up late putting together and plates and decorations and utensils and, well you get the idea.

We came back later to find the place locked and no one ever showed up to let us inside. So there we are everyone in the parking lot waiting for some one that never showed up. We called the food people and had them send the food over to my house stopped and bought some pop and dessert and headed home. My family and friends made it a great day. They helped pick up the house a little and bring over chairs and helped set out plates and cups and everything. What could you do?
The matter has since been resolved and everything turned out to be just wonderful.
We are very proud of our boy. They grow up so very fast.

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