Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breakfast with Friends

One of my very best best friends is in town visiting for the summer from Las Vegas and when we get together visit and eat. The first gathering was at her sister's house and we had a breakfast visit. That is where this picture is from.

I didn't take any pictures of the food that morning but we had some great stuff. Wendy (far right), brought bagels, butter and orange juice, everything that the kids would like. I made a coffee cake, I didn't think that it turned out that great. Jill, the Vegas girl, (next to Wendy) made a delicious biscotti. Amy, the hostess and sister of Vegas girl, (next to Jill) made some wonderful fruit salsa served with pita chips and some cinnamon rolls.
We ate that morning and had a great visit together talking about being Mommy's and about old times, we are High School chums.

We decided to have another visit this time with out Wendy, she had to work. We, of course, met for breakfast this time at my house. I made some dark chocolate and raspberry muffins. They turned out awesome. Great flavor and the dark chocolate/raspberry combo can never fail. We all enjoyed them. I got the idea from Chocolate Chipped blog. Then I clicked to get the recipe from Fresh from the Oven blog.

I also made Sugar donut muffins from Baking Bites blog. They were good not as well received. I think that once they cooled down, I made them that morning, they weren't as tasty. I also did not dip the whole muffin in the sugar because they were kind of falling apart. So, I just dusted the tops. Worked just as well.

Jill and her kids are headed back to Vegas today. I will see her in September when she comes to town to see Amy and Amy's new little bundle of joy. Getting together with the girlfriends, what a great day. It doesn't happen enough.


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