Monday, November 15, 2010

I Attended a Craft Show

I attended a craft show this past weekend at this amazing performing arts and community center that originally opened in 1897. The building is The Lancaster Opera House in Lancaster, NY. It is also the town hall. For more information on the building check out their website.
The show was on the performance floor at the top of the stairs where you would attend a show. The booths were set up where the seats would normally be and there were some fundraising booths on the stage. I didn't take any photographs because I'm not sure how people would respond.
I went mainly to see how people set up their booths and check out their displays. I was also curious about pricing. Everyone had nice displays and good pricing. I bought a pair of earrings and a fabric checkbook holder that I needed desperately.
The floor is not that big and there were around nine jewelry sellers among the bunch. It seemed like jewelry was the majority. I did take notice that the two items that I purchased from two different sellers did not charge tax. I saw one seller of jewelry that had her tax information in view.
I really don't know if craft shows are for me. I really had a wonderful time at the two home parties that I had hosted for me.
I hope that everyone that had a booth there had a successful show.

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