Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cake Balls

I would be pretty surprised if you haven't heard about Cake Balls or Cake Pops. They have been appearing all over the Internet and even in cooking magazines at the grocery store. I even saw them at Starbucks. I have made them many times and the recipe is easy... it's the dipping and the decorating that is very time consuming.

I use a cake mix like red velvet and 1 can of frosting, cream cheese. Make the cake according to the directions on the box. Feel free to make a cake from scratch if you would like. After the cake is cooled dump it into a large bowl and add the whole can of frosting. Mix it until it is all incorporated. For really wonderful directions and photos of some incredible cake ball and cake pop designs go to and be amazed.

The easy part is making the cake and mixing with the frosting. Honestly I had a difficult time dipping these cake balls. I use the white candy melts that I had and added some vanilla chips to stretch it a little. Just microwave, stir and dip. Really takes some practice. It is a little easier to dip the cake pops, which are cake balls on a stick.

I must admit that when they are all done they do taste delicious. They are a great bite of rich cake and frosting. Again, check out for some fantastic ideas. I made the reindeer pops for Christmas and I have made some blue and white for my High School reunion and Yellow and Black for a going to college party.- school colors. We can consider these St. Patrick's Day cake balls.

I brought these in for the morning show crew since they do not get the chance to enjoy my baking very often.

Good Luck


  1. My daughter does the something like that with crushed Oreos, cream cheese and vanilla dipping candy coating. They are so good but you almost get a cavity while you're eating one! I'll tell her about the cake balls.

  2. Julie, I bet the Oreos and cream cheese are just delicious. I have had a hard time finding the crushed Oreos at the market lately. I have to crush the cookies up to use. Thanks for the comments.


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