Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Little One's Birthday

I know I just posted that I should stick to cookies. However, it was a special weekend.

My son just turned 8 years old yesterday. It really feels like yesterday when we came home and his older brother (18 months at the time) tripped in the kitchen trying to help with the groceries, fell chipping his front tooth and ending up with a fat lip. After all the crying and icing he finally went to sleep and I went to lay on the bed and seconds later I heard a pop, my water broke and about 6 hours later we had another sweet baby boy.

This year I baked a baseball cake, by request, he just joined a team for the first time. I used the pans that I borrowed from a co-worker when I made the eyeball cake for scouts last year. This time I filled it with a chocolate moose filling. The recipe for the cake and the filling was included with the Better Crocker instruction booklet that was with the pan set. (last minute photo) Then I had to bake cupcakes for his class making sure everything was nut free because several kids have nut allergies. I just a boxed cake mix for speed and checked the box.

I also baked cupcakes for cub scouts. (seen below) These, however, where not peanut free. They had a little peanut butter cup on the top. I got the idea from the Baked Perfection blog, except I used a box mix for speed. I took the wrapper off of the peanut butter cup because I just figured the boys would shove it right in their mouths. And that they did. I would love to try the recipe from Baked Perfection. I bet they taste wonderful.

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