Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rice Cereal Treats to the Rescue

This weekend I need to bring a little treat to church for a gathering after my son's first reconciliation. I didn't want to make a huge batch of something because everyone was supposed to bring a treat. We were also having our neighbors over for a little visit. I whipped up a batch of rice cereal treats and divided them for both occasions.
I used a large ice cream scooper rubbed with butter to form balls then I gave them a little flatten job so they looked more like cookies. I used a piece of wax paper to flatten.
I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave with just a dash of vegetable oil and put the melted chocolate in a plastic baggie and drizzled it over the treats. Then I used some left over sprinkles from the cub scout cakes on the top.
They came out great. Easy, fun and delicious.

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