Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It has been challenging over the summer to make new jewelry work full time and make the summer fun for the boys. Here are some of my new creations that are available at They are all in limited supply. I particularly like the earrings in the first frame because a good friend of mine went with me to the bead show and helped me pick them out. She lives across the country and it was just hanging around and chatting while we shopped. I hope you like them too. (the pair on the right have sold)

Here is some of what we have been up to over the past couple of months. We were on our way home from Chautauqua lake and stopped at Lake Erie and collected some stones and tossed a few in the lake. We also made a trip to Toronto, Canada. We went to the top of the CN tower and took in a Blue Jays game.  We walked all over the city and we really felt like city folk. We loved the people walking all over the city with their ipods dangling from their ears.  I enjoyed it so much then I remembered that one day winter and snow would descend upon the city and make the walking very challenging and chilly.

We had been promising our little one that we would take him to the Toronto zoo for many years now and we finally did.  Our zoo in Buffalo certainly leaves a bit to be desired and the Toronto zoo was a trip worth taking.

I have been working on earrings lately and hope to have a little more time now that the little men are headed back to the classroom.


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