Friday, January 27, 2012

Cookbooks. I Have a Few

I'm trying to squeeze in a post today despite the fact that both kids are not feeling well. 

I like to read cookbooks and cooking magazine like most people read books.  I love reading recipes and checking out the ingredients.  I absolutely love looking at the photographs.  My Grandmother was a cookbook reader too.  She worked in a restaurant for many, many years.

Here is the cupboard that I keep the cookbooks in. I really almost can't help myself when I'm at the book store or the grocery store, I pick up a magazine or cookbook. I truly love books about baking.

Do you have a collection?

The baking book below is totally awesome.  It is one of my favorite go to cookbook.  I love the chocolate chip cookie recipe in there.  In fact it's the one I made in one of these posts.  It also contains the recipe for the Italian cheese bread that I made in a post... I think it might also have the recipe for the cherry squares.

 I also have a bag collection.  It is huge and when I have a slow day I will do a post about it.  I have so many shopping bags, plastic and paper from all over the world.  Many wonderful people bring me bags from their travels.


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