Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Communion Cookies 2012

My little guy made his First Holy Communion this year on the hottest day.  Kids grow up so fast I can hardly believe it.  He will be headed of to 4th grade next year and my other son will be in 6th.

OK back to the story and the cookies. This Communion went off with out a hitch aside from the weather.  Check out the crazy story that we went through when our first son made his Communion.

I would have liked to make the same cookies I had made for our first son's Communion, however, neither of the boys liked them.  They really didn't like these all that much.  I think that they are so delicious and soft.  The guests all liked them very much.

I  tried to find blue sprinkles and the couple of close places that I checked didn't have them. My neighbor had these candy ball sprinkles so I used them instead.  The cookies looked perfect with just the right color combination that I wanted. A tiny drawback to using this frosting decoration is that I ended up with these candy balls all over the house.

If you want the recipe check below.

(so cute)

Looking for the recipe? check here.

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