Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Puff Pastry

Since I was helping out in the retail part of a friend's bakery recently and seeing all of the pastries and delicious desserts, I was wondering if I could make something with pastry dough. I did not have time to actually make pastry dough from scratch, although it is on the list of things to try. Here is a recipe that I'm going to try one day. 

I did use the Pepperidge Farm frozen pastry sheets for this recipe.

Recipe from Pepperidge Farm

I only made half of the package and I used raspberry jam.  I totally had a hard time rolling it out and then folding it up. :)  I guess this takes some serious practice.  They tasted pretty good. I will have to use more filling and just make sure that it is sealed up tightly so they don't leak out. I enjoyed them for breakfast with a cup of Tim Hortons Strawberry Shortcake coffee.


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