Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yummy Rice Krispie Treats

 recipe from Mini Baker (great recipe)
I have made many rice krispie treats in my baking history, but these taste so good and are so addicting.  I cut mine into bite sized pieces so my coworkers could just pop one into their mouths.  It turns out that the treats are so tasty that everyone just popped more that one.

Mini Baker cut her treats so beautifully.  I placed mine into the freezer for a bit to set the chocolate topping so when I was cutting the squares they crunched a bit and didn't slice as perfectly as I would have liked.
Also, next time I make these I'm not going to add the caramel on the top. Too sticky.  I stacked them for the picture and they just stuck to the wax paper. I put them into the freezer again so I could take them in the car and they wouldn't be so sticky when I got to work. They were pretty sticky anyway.

 The chocolate and Nutella layer was divine.  Nice and thick and it set up beautifully. That was a big hit here at the station.


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