Friday, August 10, 2012

Room Makeover

My son headed out to boy scout camp for the first time on his own.  I went to visit him a couple of times for lunch he was having a great time. However, at night he was pretty home sick.  I suppose the thunderstorms that popped up several nights during the week didn't help.  He also had so many mosquito bites I felt bad for him.

We decided to give his room a little make-over while he was gone.  He had been asking for new bedding for a while so off he went and the make-over began.

These are the before pictures. He used to share a room with his brother. The other bed used to be where the train set is on the floor. 

I scraped all of the popcorn off of the ceiling and then painted it with two coats of white ceiling paint.

Here is someone prending to help. He just wants to stand on the ladder for a while.

I had to decide quickly on the paint color. I went with Behr paint and primer in one from Home Depot.  The color is Baked Scone. How could I go wrong with a baked good color. Right?

Over the dresser I hung 3 8x10 in black and white of him doing some things that he likes.

I really think that it turned out just wonderful. He loved it so much and the best part it is still clean and he is making his bead everyday. 


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