Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tearing up the Floor and Other House Stuff

We have done quite a few remodels around the house in the 6 years that we have lived here. Including scraping all of the popcorn off of the ceilings. The latest job has been keeping me very busy and moving from room to room.

This project started with the front door. We had it replaced but we did not do it ourselves.
Replacing the front door.

This is almost the after. We stained the trim with a walnut stain. I will take a new picture.

When we moved in the floor in the front hallway had many cracks. Eventually tiles started popping right out.  The person that installed it just glued it to the plywood. So finally we decided it was time to replace the floor.  While my husband was at work I started tearing up the tiles. Since they were not laid correctly they came out super easily. The hardest part was carrying them to the garage.

Tearing up the tiles.

The new tiles.

Ripping up the plywood was so difficult. Moldings had to come out and hundreds of nails had to be pried up.

Hubby working hard.

The picture above, on the left, was before we move in. (not our cat). It has cracked tiles and wallpaper. The picture on the right is with the new tiles and painted walls. I have also started painting the moldings. I am not a fan of the crappy oak moldings with stain that doesn't really match around the house. I decided to paint it. :) Yes, I know now I have to just keep moving around the whole house.  I am loving the way that it is turning out.

Here is the view from the kitchen down the hall toward the front door. The picture on the left is when I just started picking up the tiles, which is why the rug is there so we could walk over it. The picture on the right is the 'after'. Loving it.

Another shot of the floor and the new moldings.

In addition to the floor, the door, and the molding painting we had to replace the floor in the half bath too because it's right off the hall and had the same tiles. So, since the sink and the toilet were being removed I thought it was a great time to repaint the room. (Hubby rolling his eyes).

The first set of pictures below are of the half bathroom when we moved in. I started peeling off the wall paper pretty quickly.

Half bath before

We painted it an orange color and put new... everything.
The first remodel

The last set of photos is how the half bath looks now. New paint new towels, new floor and white moldings. Love it.

Current look
More to come....

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