Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dining Room

When we moved into our house 8 years ago there was so much that we just had to change. We liked the house layout and the yard and realized that we could always update the interior. The updates began and never really ended. We are always changing things. We finally arrived to the third stage of the dining room remodel. Is it the last stage? Who knows. I love changing things.

 This is what the dining room looked like with the previous owners furnishings, wallpaper and carpet with out any padding. Hard as a rock. Who would put carpeting in and not include a pad? 
And that wallpaper WHAT?

 After I peeled off the wallpaper, I painted it two shades of green.  I painted the moldings and window casings white and we changed the carpet and the shades.

This is the most recent photo. We got new windows, no wood on the windows just the floor. We got rid of the carpet and got these beautiful hardwood floors. 
We also changed out the light fixture. Love it.


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