Thursday, May 7, 2015

Apple Pie Roll-ups, Review

Do you ever actually make/do things that you pin on Pinterest? 
I have tried recipes, craft ideas, remodel help and decorating suggestions.
This is one recipe that I pinned a while ago. I can't remember the exact site I found it on. As you know I like to try different baking recipes and see how they come out. 
For the most part I have really liked everything that I have tried from Pinterest. (I did have a donut fail that I think I found on Pinterest too.)

Anyway, this recipe is not going to get rave reviews. The apple roll-ups weren't challenging to make, just a little time consuming with cutting all of the apples.
The roll-ups tasted pretty good while they warm. When they cooled down they were just so crispy and hard no one in the family really cared for them. Sorry.
Recipe not provided for this one.

 They look so good.

Apples cut into small pieces.

Place the mixture in the wonton wrapper.

Wrap, I think probably some butter on top.  Bake

Looks Good :)

If you are interested in this type of recipe you could probably just look it up on Pinerest and give it a try.

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