Friday, May 29, 2015

Younique Opportunity

Hi everyone! Are you interested in having long and beautiful lashes without wearing falsies?
Well, take a look at my photo. Those are my real lashes. After recently chopping off some of them with a eyelash curler, I started using the Younique 3D fiber mascara to help make them look fuller and longer while they grew back. Amazing Right?! 
I know you would love it too.

I just started my business as a Younique presenter, in fact I don't even have my presenter kit yet 
smile emoticon
 I couldn't wait to show off my lashes with all of you. Maybe you have heard of the company before or maybe not. Either way I am here to share with you some fabulous products.

I am super excited to start my journey with this fantastic company.

If you would LIKE my face book page I would appreciate it very much. Then check out the party I have going on my website NOW.

love it.

Start out with the 3D mascara and as I explore the products I will share much more with all of you.
Have any questions? Just ask. I can get you on your way to having amazing lashes that you can quickly do every day.
The picture is just my 3rd time.
Thanks, Michelle

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